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Project introduction

Project introduction

At present, due to the lack of imaging equipment, each hospital pin intubation, minimally invasive surgery and interventional therapy arehe blind to insert, thread, inject, cut, plug scraping should not occur and cause a lot of pain caused by trauma, complications, sequelae, or even a lot of medical accidents and for medical accidents caused many medical disputes; in grassroots medical institutions of many diseases using the traditional method of judgment or smell, in a lot of field first aid, emergency ambulance, outpatient and ward inspection, on-site inspection are not to use equipment to do accurate inspection is roughly judgment, resulting in many patients did not receive timely and effective treatment, missed the opportunity. 
Through to mobilize all forces, adopt a variety of ways to raise funds, organize the training strength, the implementation of precise medical engineering in the hospital, all inclusive around the grass, as soon as possible, for clinical departments in major hospitals in the basic medical institutions equipped with a variety of equipment is conducive to the development of medical visualization precision, while providing sufficient operation training and technical training for all levels of clinical the medical staff, and provide remote assistance to solve the diagnosis, they are not familiar with medical equipment operation and clinical diagnostic skills problems. And through these devices greatly improve the level of diagnosis and treatment, early detection of disease, diagnosis and treatment of trauma and reduce pain, prevent medical accidents and disputes, to create a happy and harmonious society, make the government worry, Dean doctor assured, doctors feel relieved, patient comfort!
1.In each big hospital to promote the concept of medical visualization precise, accurate diagnosis and treatment of visual awareness and training for operating habits, clinical departments, clinics, operating room, therapeutic room, hospital department, an ambulance equipped with medical equipment; 
2.For all levels of hospital quality control, infection control work carried out, equipped with the necessary diagnosis and treatment equipment; 
3.In response to the national medical resources sinking, Pratt & Whitney, and call grading clinics, medical conjoined building, equipped with medical equipment for primary medical institutions in County town, village and community, encourage private hospitals, clinics and subsidies for purchasing medical equipment, medical equipment and promote the popularization of basic level with Pratt & whitney; 
4.This is the national advocate, the development of the family doctor team equipped with medical equipment, make the follow-up package is no longer equipped with blood pressure auscultation, simple detection tool, and equipped with images, such as ECG has a good diagnosis effect of equipment;
5.For the relevant departments have been widely carried out in public health programs such as the elderly over the age of 65 every year examination, women two cancer (breast and cervical cancer screening), senile stroke screening unit equipped with the implementation of medical treatment equipment; 
6.For a variety of on-site inspection (such as home birth, chronic disease in patients at home, on-site inspection of long-term bed is not convenient to the hospital patients, on-site inspection is not convenient to the hospital in pastoral areas residents to carry out on-site inspection) unit is equipped with a compact and lightweight portable, excellent performance of medical equipment; 
7.120 emergency centers, fire, military and other emergency medical units and ambulances and other emergency equipment equipped with diagnosis and treatment equipment; 
8.Equipped with more compact, portable, intelligent examination results filing and uploading convenient diagnosis and treatment equipment for family planning system; 
9.By The Belt and Road, foreign aid projects, for the poor and backward areas with foreign medical equipment.