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At present, due to the lack of imaging equipment, each hospital pin intubation, minimally invasive surgery and interventional therapy arehe blind to insert, thread, inject, cut, plug scraping should not occur and cause a lot of pain caused by trauma, complications, sequelae, or even a lot of medical accidents and for medical accidents caused many medical disputes; in grassroots medical institutions of many diseases using the traditional method of judgment or smell, in a lot of field first aid, emergency ambulance, outpatient and ward inspection, on-site inspection are not to use equipment to do accurate inspection is roughly judgment, resulting in many patients did not receive timely and effective treatment, missed the opportunity. 

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Vice president of Yu Xing
Vice president and secretary-general, project Commissioner of Ministry of science and technology, director of family planning Specialized Committee of China ultrasound medical engineering society, res
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Peking Union Medical College Hospital, Secretary of the Party committee, Professor

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We will attend the 75 Medical Fair (2016.4.17-20 Shanghai)
The Seventeenth National Society of ultrasound medicine of Chinese Medical Association (2017.8.31-9.3 Hangzhou)
2017 German Medica medical Exhibition (2017.11.13-16, Dusseldorf)
National anesthesia Conference (2017.9.7-10, Zhengzhou)
Indonesia International Medical Exhibition (2017.10.18-10.21)
2017USArsna (2017.11.26 - 12 (1))
Autumn medical Expo 2017 (2017.10.29-11.1 Kunming)
Sonostar company released a variety of wireless mini probe ultrasound world leading products
Release time:
In May 16, 2017, Guangzhou sonostar company held a grand press conference, the first industry demonstrated wireless mini probe ultrasound and CW new type continuous Doppler probe ultrasonic detector,
Sonostar successful exhibition of American Fime medical Exhibition
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The United States Fime medical exhibition time: August 8, 2017 to 10 | morning afternoon 10:00- 05:00 location: The Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, Florida, sonostar booth No.: B.T45 booth e
Wireless mini ultrasound at the Russian military exhibition in August 2017
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Russian military weapons and equipment exhibition, high-end countries gathered in the Russian CCTV interview, 301 meters to the professor they demonstrated sonostar Mini ultrasound, the defense minist