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Project introduction


Social benefits of project implementation
Precise Pratt & Whitney medical projects for the government to worry about worrying for the public and for the welfare, can help solve the country's social health management problems, is very conducive to the development of local health is conducive to improving the level of hospital treatment is conducive to health care workers Reducing the intensity of stress relief work is also conducive to enabling more people to enjoy better and safer medical services, and more conducive to avoiding medical malpractices and the resulting medical disputes, medical claims and creating a happy and harmonious society.
Project implementation of the economic benefits
Visually accurate diagnosis and treatment equipment to use, for the medical units to create a good economic benefits:
1. Some medical treatment belongs to the charge items, which can be charged directly or deducted from the medical insurance, including intervention guide, bedside examination, urine residual inspection, etc., are all chargeable items;
2. Although some medical treatment is not part of the medical insurance fee, but with painless visualization, labor analgesia pump as an optional self-pay medical treatment programs to patients choose to consume, due to be able to improve safety, but also reduce pain and complications, Sequelae, I believe many patients are willing to choose;
3. The hospital improved the level of diagnosis and treatment, gained a better reputation and increased its business growth;
4. Effectively reduce the number of medical accidents than before the frequent medical malpractice, to save a lot of accident compensation, the handling of disputes manpower and resources invested;
5. Large-scale hospitals can get consultation fees by providing remote consultation for grassroots hospitals;
6. Primary healthcare institutions no longer need to worry about being unable to hire a high-level physician and hiring too much to spend more than their output, hiring an ordinary doctor at a lower cost and then getting a remote expert's help through a remote platform, Put into small-output large, and there is expert consultation is more able to get the trust of grassroots patients to get more business.
I believe all medical institutions for this project inputs, can be quickly recovered, and create full benefits.