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Project introduction

Necessity of introduction

Necessity of introduction

The current diagnosis and treatment of a considerable part of the relying on the doctor's experience or judgment, rather than through the equipment to achieve accurate diagnosis and treatment, including the determination of many diseases in primary health care institutions or the use of traditional methods of looking around, In the major clinical departments of the hospital, a lot of pin intubation, minimally invasive surgery blind blind blindness blind blind blind cut or blinding, in many field first aid, ambulances, emergency clinics, ward inspections, countryside home Inspection, etc. are also rarely used to do accurate examination of equipment is only rough judgment.
These will inevitably have a lot of misdiagnosis, misdiagnosis, and because of Blind Blind Blind Blind Blind Blind incision caused a lot of should not happen trauma caused by complications, complications, and even a lot of medical accidents and because of medical accidents Leading to many medical disputes. In this process, patients are not treated promptly or effectively or suffer more suffering or even sequelae due to medical errors. Doctors are under a lot of work pressure and are easily blamed or even injured by patients. The hospital is also prone to medical accidents Must pay a huge compensation for huge economic losses, and reputation has also been affected by the loss of business, and even prosecution by the patient, the impact of the incident, we can say that patients, doctors, hospitals have suffered great harm and loss, and at the same time caused The social discord and instability.


Sonostar company released a variety of wireless mini probe ultrasound world leading products
In May 16, 2017, Guangzhou sonostar company held a grand press conference, the first industry demonstrated wireless mini probe ultrasound and CW new type continuous Doppler probe ultrasonic detector,
Sonostar successful exhibition of American Fime medical Exhibition
The United States Fime medical exhibition time: August 8, 2017 to 10 | morning afternoon 10:00- 05:00 location: The Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, Florida, sonostar booth No.: B.T45 booth e
Wireless mini ultrasound at the Russian military exhibition in August 2017
Russian military weapons and equipment exhibition, high-end countries gathered in the Russian CCTV interview, 301 meters to the professor they demonstrated sonostar Mini ultrasound, the defense minist
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