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Easy to have a mini ultrasound scanner

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Ultrasound is an essential equipment for every medical unit, which allows doctors to judge various diseases   more quickly and accurately than traditional methods, as well as interventions in various needle insertions and minimally invasive surgery. Visualization and precise operation can enable patients to obtain better and more timely diagnosis and treatment, and also enable medical staff to better improve the level of diagnosis and treatment, reduce labor intensity and psychological stress, reduce operational risks and avoid misdiagnosis, missed diagnosis and complications. Avoid medical  accidents.

  However, the traditional ultrasound scanner is expensive, and it is not convenient to carry and operate. It is not suitable for widespread use in clinical departments and grassroots. The latest ultrasound visual inspection device (handheld mini ultrasound probe) is convenient to use, excellent in performance, and low price. It will greatly meet the above-mentioned huge and urgent clinical needs for the benefit of the majority of patients and medical staff.

At present, a considerable part of the diagnosis and treatment of the disease can still be carried out by the doctor’s experience, instead of using the inspection and assistance of the equipment to achieve accurate diagnosis and treatment. In outpatient clinics, inpatient departments, primary medical institutions, health care institutions, and major hospitals, due to lack of diagnostic equipment, the judgment of many diseases is still based on the traditional method of obedience. Meanwhile, due to lack of image visualization and guidance equipment, and it’s not convenient to borrow the equipment from ultrasound department, blind insertion will always appear in clinical department and surgery room during needle intubation, minimally invasive surgery. Not only that, in many field first aid, ambulance, emergency clinic, ward inspection, home inspection, they are also rarely using equipment to do accurate inspections but just a rough judgment.

These will inevitably lead to lots of misdiagnosis, missed diagnosis and blindness, which cause many pains, complications, sequelae, and even caused many medical accidents. It results many medical disputes. In this process, patients are not getting timely and effective treatment or suffering more pains, the doctors undertake more pressure and even suffer hurt by patients, the hospitals will also suffer loss because of paying compensate for the medical accidents. And they may get complain or suffer great damage from patients. That’s to say, no matter patients, doctors, or hospitals; they will suffer a lot of damage and loss, and at the same time caused social disharmony and instability.

In order to solve the harm and troubles caused by the above-mentioned non-visual and non-precise medical treatment to the government, hospitals, doctors and patients, the best way is to realize every doctors have a visual guidance device, this is the dream of many medical workers for many years.

The wide-ranging deployment of ultrasound imaging equipment (ultrasound scanner) is very necessary. It can scan and display the profile structure and blood flow information of most soft tissues, organs, etc., and diagnose various diseases. The visual guidance of intervention has a great effect, and the application surface is very extensive. It has always been one of the necessary equipment for medical institutions. Moreover, it has no radiation and therefore has no hidden dangers of safety and harm. It is also convenient to use and is very suitable for popularization.

However, the price of traditional ultrasonic imaging equipment is still expensive. Depending on performance, function, configuration and brand, the price ranges from five thousands to ten, and it is difficult to spread to clinical departments and primary medical units with low budgets. And the product is bulky, usually from a few kilograms to hundreds of kilograms. In this respect, it is not suitable for clinical departments and primary medical units that have high requirements for carrying and handling.

In order to meet the huge and urgent market demand, it is imperative to develop and popularize ultra-small imaging devices that are portable and easy to operate and inexpensive, and can be widely accepted by clinical and primary medical units. Many leading experts have also been calling for many years. In an effort to promote, the Ministry of Science and Technology in 2016 has included the research and development of small-scale ultrasound imaging systems in the support projects of the 13th Five-Year Plan.

Many domestic and foreign companies have joined the ranks of development, production and popularization of small-sized ultrasound imaging equipment, and have introduced small-sized ultrasounds in various styles such as portable, notebook and palm-sized.


The latest handheld ultrasound probe make the original large-scale ultrasound imaging equipment to be a minimized probe, it is a small inspection tool that doctors can carry with them conveniently, and the function is mainly to achieve the purpose of inspection through imaging. It’s equivalent to the doctor’s third eye, called "ultrasound visual inspection device".

As a pioneer in the development and popularization of handheld ultrasound probe, Sonostar Technologies Co., Ltd has written a strong and colorful history for the development of the industry. The handheld wireless ultrasound probes have great advantages in terms of performance, function and cost performance. It is at the leading position at home and abroad, and it has been sold well all over the word. It also obtained the project and 10 million grades of the key research and development plan of the National 13th Five-Year Plan and Technology Department. R&D funding support.


The size of Sonostar wireless ultrasound probe just like a mobile phone, and the weight is about 200 grams, this is miraculous! The probe was connected with smart phone, tablet and computer by internal Wi-Fi, it makes the carrying and operation more convenient.

The principle is to make the traditional large ultrasound into a small circuit board and hide it in the probe. That’s mean, the original ultrasound “main unit + probe” became just a probe. The image date is transmitted to smart phone, tablet and computer by internal Wi-Fi. 

This product has a very high clinical value and a wide range of applications, as a new generation of medical treatment tools, it was loved by the majority of medical staff.

Moreover,the price is very competitive. Sonostar has also joined a number of foundationsand sponsors to provide price subsidies to buyers who meet the supportconditions. After the subsidy, the price of high-end model will have low price,and the low-end model will have more competitive price.

Moreover,there is no follow-up fee, no need to pay any fees during the use process, andthere are no traps and routines for any price.

Thestory of the popularity of cars, television, and computers in the history isalso being staged in the medical equipment industry!

Youmight think that to build a smart machine with a lower price, there must besome sacrifices on quality or functions, etc. Well... Let's have a look.



Sonostar handheld ultrasound probe not onlyhas a high clear and delicate image quality, but also has a full blood flowimage. The clinical effect is same as a portable ultrasound scanner which atthe price around USD10,000.00, theusers said.


Sonostar handheld ultrasound probe looks like very mini, but it has powerful functions as traditional ultrasound scanner, such as B/M/Color/PW/PDI multiple imaging modes, as well as application type selection and image adjustments, puncture guides, image playback and preservation, measurement calculations, patient information and reports are all available.

Even has some high-end functions more than the traditional ultrasound scanner, includes vascular positioning function, and upcoming tip development enhancement, magnetic navigation functions and so on.

The latest new double head probe has three functions, one machine with multi-inspection function is a great breakthrough by Sonostar. The traditional ultrasound scanner will need different probes for inspect different positions. For example, inspect abdomen will need convex probe, superficial will need linear probe, uterus will need transvaginal probe, heart will need phase array probe. Sonostar handheld double-headed probes include two heads, convex and linear probe. The convex probe has a working mode that the middle of the probe emits sound waves and the left and right large angles are diffused and emitted. That’s to say, the phased array working mode can also be used for cardiac examination. Therefore, it will have three functions for just a probe.

(Three-in-one probe can be used for abdominal, superficial, and cardiac to achieve nearly the whole body examination, it meets most clinical needs)

Meanwhile, the functions of the Sonostar handheld machine will be realized through Apps in smart phone, tablet and computer. It is possible to realize more powerful functions by means of these intelligent terminals, with increasingly convenient internet communication, it’s easy to realize data networking interaction and remote diagnosis. In contrast, the traditional ultrasound scanner is difficult to connect with outside networking.

It is also very flexible in matching display size, the users can choose different sizes of smart phone, tablet and computer according to his requirement. The following laptop ultrasound on the right has computer system, it can be connected with wireless ultrasound probe as well, large screen and ultrasonic button can also meet the operation requirements.


In terms of storage capacity, the storage space of mobile phones, tablets, and computers is also generally very large, and can be stored in a remote cloud server conveniently.



Although Sonostar wireless handheldultrasound probe is very compact, the function is powerful. The functions oftraditional ultrasound scanner include application selection, image adjustment,puncture guideline, image playback and preservation, measurement calculation,patient information and reports are all available.



Sonostarhandheld ultrasound has excellent performance, the product not only has clearimage, but also runs smoothly. In particular, it uses a unique wifi transmissiontechnology and 5G wifi bandwidth. Although the probe was connected by wifi,it will not appear image delay. The frame rate is the same as traditional wiredultrasound scanner.

The battery can work 3~5 hours, and it’ssupport wireless charging, which can be conveniently charged in the gap betweenscans.

And the head is fixed sealing connectioninstead of being plugged, the stability andwaterproof performance are better.



Sonostarhandheld ultrasound probe has reliable quality and stability, the performancehas been kept very good for a long time, it will not appear to crash problemduring working. The battery life is very long, and the software has been matureand stable after years of optimization.

Mostof the first sold machines in 2015 kept good performance till now, there arealso very few faulty probes need to repair.



Sonostarhandheld ultrasound probe likes a minimized traditional ultrasound scanner, theproduct volume is a little bit bigger than the probe of traditional ultrasound,the size is nearly same as a smart phone, and weighs is only 200 grams. Theprobe was connected with smart phone, tablet and computer through wirelessWi-Fi, it’s convenient and free to carry.

Meanwhile, it also abandons the complicatedinterface and operation of traditional ultrasound. The operation interface isdesigned to be very simple and intuitive according to the characteristics ofclinical, grassroots and first-aid applications. And the operation process issimplified and convenient.

These make the user comfortable during work,and it’s easy to operate. 



Sonostarhandheld ultrasound probe is compatible with iOS, Android and Windows system.Most of smart phones, tablets, and computers are compatible.


This is better than some competitors ofhandheld ultrasound, they are normally match few models.


[Purchase Guarantee]

In order to support users to purchase thehandheld ultrasound probe with confidence, Sonostar promises that users canreturn unconditionally within 7 days after receiving the goods. Unsatisfied canreturn the goods and get full refund.


[After-sale Guarantee]

The warranty of Sonostar handheld ultrasoundprobe is 24 months, out of warranty will be charged some spare list fee.

The probe is small and light, it’s convenientto return and low shipping charge even if the probe is failed.

Sonostarhave many distributers in the globe, it also brings convenience to presales andafter-sales service.



Sonostarhandheld ultrasound has highly cost effective, it has high quality and lowprice better than the same level of ultrasound product.

Andthere is no follow-up fee, you will not be asked to pay the monthly fee whenyou have the machine.



Sonostar wirelessultrasound probe has won many honors, including the establishment of keyresearch and development projects of the National 13th Five-Year Plan andMinistry of Science and Technology and tens of millions of financial support.

Product certification

Sonostarwireless ultrasound probe not only has registered in China, but also have gotthe CE, FDA certificates, some countries like USA, European, Australia, Russia,Brazil, Argentina, Egypt, Indonesia, Malaysia, etc. have finished theregistration successfully.



Sonostar wirelessultrasound probe not only have good image quality and excellent performance,but also has very competitive price. We believe that is will be quicklypopularized to every clinical departments and basic medical units. Even toachieve every medical staff have one in hand. In future, more communities andfamilies will have the probe, it will greatly improving the level of diagnosisand treatment, reducing patient suffering, avoiding medical accidents anddisputes, creating a happy and harmonious society.

Meanwhile, thepurchase of competent department, hospitals or departments are easy to obtainthe funding approval with such a low price, and the other funds such asscientific research, project can be solved easily. There is no need to sufferfrom the lack of equipment-assisted treatment and the pressure on the diagnosisand treatment process and a lot of work has become very handy, easy and fast.

In addition to thelow price, Sonostar is about to launch business models such as installmentpayment, timeshare lease, lease back sharing and web dating to make it easierfor everyone has a probe in hand. Everyone can get a equipment at a lower costand even generate rental income and service revenue during the use process.


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